Combining X-Rays and Magnetic Microscopy

Thanks to our recent development of the Magnetic Microscopy technique, we can now produce 3D current maps for the most complex 3D components. However, what if there is no information available about the internal structure of the sample? The map of the currents alone is not enough to localize the defect, if we do not know where the currents should be flowing.

These days we are often confronted with the CAD-less problem, where we know almost nothing about the internal structure of the component needing analysis. In such cases the missing information can be gathered with the use of imaging techniques, such as X-Rays. However, when we move from two-dimensions to three-dimensions, the information obtained from an X-Ray Tomography scan cannot be easily fed into the Magnetic Microscopy model.

The aim of this project is to interface the two techniques by first merging the 3D images produced by these two techniques, and then by using the X-Ray information to feed the magnetic simulation with coherent hypotheses.

By combining the two techniques, we will be able to work on completely CAD-less components to reconstruct the full current map on the 3D structure.

This project is carried out in collaboration with CNES.