Failure Analysis is facing new challenges due both to the shrinking of components (Moore’s Law) and the integration of multiple heterogeneous components in the same package (More than Moore’s Trend). The need for higher resolution and vertical discrimination between the different layers in 3D devices is constantly challenging the Failure Analysis industry.

At Intraspec we are constantly investing in the research and development of new technologies.


We are currently working on a number of research projects to meet this need:


3D Magnetic Microscopy

This project investigates ways of generating full 3D current paths from measurements of the magnetic field. We have already developed two methods which have produced excellent results: the Sample Tilt and the Simulation Approach.

Magnetic Microscopy and X-Ray Tomography

In order to understand best where the currents are flowing inside a component, some information about its internal structure is needed. This project aims to interface the two techniques, so that comprehensive 3D information can be obtained.

Open Circuit Localization

There is currently no technique able to localize complete opens in 2D and 3D components with adequate resolution. This project extends the use of Magnetic Microscopy to the localization of full opens.

Thanks to our expert knowledge of the latest techniques, we are able to provide our customers with state of the art services. We have a range of solutions to the problems facing the electronics industry today, as well as to those it will face in the future: at Intraspec Technologies we are committed to developing the Failure Analysis techniques of tomorrow.