Failure Analysis

Our expertise and our highly-equipped laboratories allow us to offer a complete Failure Analysis service from the initial electrical tests to the physical and technological analysis of the component. With the very latest techniques of Magnetic Microscopy and X-Ray Tomography at our disposal we can find the root cause of the defect. Thanks to our R&D programs for advanced Failure Analysis technologies we are also able to obtain excellent results for highly complex 3D components such as System-in-Package modules.

At Intraspec Technologies we are committed to our customer: we offer fast and reliable solutions using modern innovative technologies. We will do our best to make our customer happy. We are engaged to follow up his Failure Analysis project by performing all stages of the process:


Electrical Characterization

[saut]An electrical test is performed, together with our industrial partners, initially to define the type of defect (open, short, current leak etc.) in the component. This is carried out in preparation for the more complex step of defect localization 

Defect Localization and Isolation

We use a wide range of technologies to localize defects with extreme precision. Our expert knowledge of advanced non-destructive and contact-less techniques, Magnetic Microscopy and X-Ray Tomography, means there is no risk of losing the failure by de-packaging the component. These techniques can also be used to localize defects in complex 3D devices.

Physical and Technological Analysis

To identify the root cause of the failure the component is then de-processed and examined with an electronic microscope. Further, more detailed inspections can also give the percentage of each element present in the sample. This final step is an essential part of the Failure Analysis process: clear understanding of the root cause of the failure is needed in order to prevent it from recurring.


Once the root cause of the defect has been identified, we advise our customers on the right corrective actions to take in order to improve the production process and increase the reliability of its new components.