How we can help your business

At Intraspec Technologies we offer a unique range of services. We can help at all stages of product development to ensure the most reliable products. Our experience and expert knowledge of electronic system and component manufacturing, together with our innovative Failure Analysis techniques, allow us to offer this unique service.

We work with producers of electronic components and systems, providing full support along the whole development chain.

We offer a complete Failure Analysis service, from electrical diagnostics to physical and technological analysis. We specialize in both standard and three-dimensional components and systems.

We also work with Failure Analysis laboratories, where we help with fast and sure defect localization using our latest technologies. These include a full range of opportunities for three-dimensional components such as System-in-Packages.

In addition, we assist companies in their research projects, sharing our knowledge of the latest Failure Analysis technologies.

In all cases we are able to follow your project from the very beginning until the final marketing stage of the product to ensure the best outcome. We can guarantee a fast answer to your problem, with high predictability of the applicability of our technologies. Thanks to our access to laboratories providing the very latest Failure Analysis technologies and equipment, we can assure a wide set of services which will allow us to best meet your needs.